MM One}|{   Transformational Gatherings   }|{
Dedicated to Awakening our Human Potential

Mettā }|{ Morphosis gatherings
are experiments in the magic of co-creation,
inspired by the participatory ethos of Burning Man.

M}|{M One was a weekend of conscious interest and artistic expression, music, art, healing, workshops, dance and love, on a Michigan farm. It made many of us believe the world would be a better place if there were more gatherings of this kind. Three other M}|{M gatherings have since been held in California and Colombia (the country).

Here’s what we believe are the essential ingredients for a successful M}|{M gathering: A kind of recipe for organizers of collective love.

We also tell you how we can help you make one – with seed funding from earlier gatherings.

Happy stirring of the magic cauldron!